Eightfold IT is Your Reliable Source FOR IT Services and IT Support

Whether you’re running a small or medium-sized business, you need IT services and support in some way.

You might not have an IT person or team and it might not make sense for you to hire an entire team. Building and integrating an IT system takes resources, time, proficiency, and knowledge.

This is where Eightfold IT comes in.

Eightfold IT offers managed IT services for small and medium-sized business. We meet the technology needs of our clients so they can focus on their primary business. With Eightfold IT, clients can know that their IT services are frequently updated, running smoothly, and continually maintained. Our team utilizes the best-in-class technology to ensure our clients receive the best technology hardware and software. We will also set up and work with you on a disaster recovery plan to mitigate data loss. While we manage IT services, we always choose something our clients are comfortable with.

Professional Services

Eightfold IT manages IT services on premises for clients as well as implementing infrastructure build-outs. Many of our clients come to us with little or no tech infrastructure. We will help clients choose the infrastructure that best meets their needs, implement the build-out, and then manage the onsite technology.

At Eightfold IT, our team is available to conduct onsite maintenance as well as providing support for technology setup on computers. Managed on premises technology includes technology hardware and software.

  • On-Premise Server Administration
  • Network Administration
  • Wiring and Network Infrastructure
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Data / Hardware Relocation

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

Increasingly, a lot of businesses are now turning incorporating Cloud Services to help with organization, cost reduction, and improving allover efficiency. Utilizing the Cloud allows access to anyone who needs it at any time they need it. It saves time and money - something all clients are happy about.

Eightfold IT will help clients figure out the best Cloud system for them and work with them to deploy the infrastructure.

  • AWS / Azure / Google Cloud Platform
  • Colocated Servers
  • Cloud Firewall Services

Help Desk

As technology advances, more people are working remotely. As any IT support should, Eightfold IT is able to provide support remotely. This is incredibly convenient for many clients who need support faster than the time it takes for an onsite visit or for issues that are easily fixed remotely.

Many small and medium-sized businesses operate mostly online or have employees that work remotely or entirely on the cloud. Our team can easily provide remote services for businesses and individual employees as needed. We have a help desk where you and your team can go for help questions or concerns about the IT systems. Our help desk allows us to organize, prioritize, and quickly resolve IT problems as they arise.

  • Remote IT Services
  • Tier 1 / 2 Support

Additional IT Services

Mobile Device Management


Platform Setup & Management

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