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Information technology is powerful–when it works the way it's supposed to.

When this technology breaks down, the consequences can be as costly as the features were beneficial. Experienced assistance makes all the difference in getting you back on your feet.

Remote IT Services

We work hard to give our local clients on-site support, but we also understand that the trend toward remote work means help at-a-distance is essential. Eightfold IT is ready and equipped to assist you with your IT needs from wherever you are.

Remote Maintenance

We can support and maintain your computer systems (with permissions) from a remote location to keep your business running smooth and interruption-free.

Disaster Recovery

We bolster your organization's ability to respond to–and recover from–any event that negatively impacts your day-to-day operations.

Remote Helpdesk

Eightfold IT can provide technical assistance via multiple kinds of remote communication channels.


In IT, there are a wide range of complex issues. Our team caters each service interaction to best solve the problem at hand.

Tier 1 Support

Tier 1 support involves assistance for issues that usually have a simple fix, such as password resets, software updates, and program malfunctions.

Tier 2 Support

Tier 2 fixes require knowledge and skills to handle more complex technical issues with both hardware and software. Examples of pain points we’ve frequently resolved include networking issues (VPN tunnels, Firewalls or switches and routers, etc.) or server-related issues (domain or DNS hosting and maintenance).

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Professional Services

Managed Cloud Infrastructure

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